What is ULV Fogging?

ULV stands for “Ultra Low Volume” Fogging. ULV fogging machines, push out a fine disinfectant to mist over all surfaces and is safe to go on anything from plastics to fabrics and furniture. 

Depending on the disinfectant that is used in the ULV machine, the fogging process will destroy up to 99.9% of all virus’ bacteria, and germs on any surface within 5 minutes of application.

When used on soft furnishings, the fabric may feel damp, however, this should dry within 6-7 minutes of application. The ULV fogging should be done from a distance ensuring that all materials are accounted for. 

When the fogging is used around glass and other high gloss plastics, it may leave a slight smear across the surface which can be wiped away with a dry cloth after the drying process has been completed.

How does our process work on the day?

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At the moment, we are experiencing an unprecedented demand for our services, we are working as quickly as possible to get everyone booked in as quickly as possible.

We will arrive on the arrange day and time.

We will come to your business at the arranged time to begin your ULV fogging process. Our staff will attend adhering to the latest government regulations.

We will begin the ULV Fogging process

We will work from room-to-room, working through the building to ensure that everywhere has been sanitised to the highest standard.

Clean up and finishing your business needs.

We will always ensure that we clean up after ourselves, ensuring that all your windows are smear-free and non of the fabrics have been damaged by the sanitisation process.

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